My family has been running a Greek Restaurant in Castlegar for over 25 years, first as The Greek Oven and later as The Wandering Greek Oven.  My parents, Lenore and Peter Salivaras, dedicated everything to making it one of the most beloved restaurants in this community.

I have been a part of it off and on since the beginning. In 2015 I brought my wanderings home and, with my wife, bought the business and we added our love of wandering to our restaurant's title. 

In the last 6 years we have welcomed 2 active boys into our lives and faced many changes in the restaurant industry. 

In 2021 we were extremely fortunate to be able to undertake a major renovation to create a place where everyone can gather to enjoy amazing food, with an emphasis on gratitude. We believe that gratefulness is key to balancing the needs of our family and our work.

Our food offerings reflect our commitment to healthy and ethical practices and everything we make is made with as many simple and locally-sourced ingredients as possible.

When gratitude abounds, it creates a wonderful place to be. We welcome everyone to come and sit around our table.

~George Salivaras, Owner and Head Chef, The Grateful Table